Does spamcleaner delete tweets?

I’ve explained this several times in various chatrooms but I keep getting complaints about a (nonexistent) technical issue/glitch that deletes tweets. People, listen up and listen good.

There is no glitch, just a big misunderstanding. When you sign in on Spamcleaner you see 3 sections:

  1. Unretweet frequency section (top);
  2. Retweet clean-up section (in the middle);
  3. Protection (bottom).

When using the app for the first time the only section you want to use is the top one. It basically ensures that your retweets are undone periodically at a set frequency. There are 3 frequencies you can pick: every 5 minutes, every 10 minutes or every 15 minutes. To activate unretweeting you first select the respective frequency tab and then click on set unretweet frequency. That’s it, this is all you have to do for spamcleaner to clean your retweets periodically. If you do just this, none of your tweets will be deleted.

Top section


Rumors of a presumed spamcleaner glitch are spread by people who have activated the bottom protection section. Protection is a feature that can be used in many ways (I’ll dedicate a post to it) but what it fundamentally does is let you set a time interval (you pick a starting time and ending time, look at image below) and then delete all tweets and/or retweets created in such interval after you click on activate protection.


The last user who reported the (nonexistent) tweet-delete glitch had activated protection for the Jan/2007-Dec/2018 time interval. As result his old tweets were being deleted as well as the new ones. To resolve the issue he had to click once on the turn off protection button.