Why The Tweets Of Teamed Accounts Are Visible in Some Countries But Not In Others

Your timeline in each country contains the 3200 most recent tweets/retweets you produced. It appears though that on an ongoing basis your timeline in each country is constructed by the respective local servers. Periodically though (once per week) Twitter synchronizes all local servers between them. Nevertheless, most of the time – 6 days out of 7 – what you see is how the local server sees your account.

This means that if you created your profile in the United States and most of your followers are from the US then US servers (home) are going to crawl your account very frequently, say every 4 seconds. Also, if you are from US but have some active followers in Japan that trigger update requests about your profile, then Japanese servers will crawl your account every 4 seconds as well. Countries where you have no followers (exotic) and trigger few requests on your account appear to crawl the respective client profile less often, at a frequency not higher than once every 20 minutes. If a country is exotic with respect to an account but the accounts’ popularity increases there, as result of the surge in update requests such exotic country will turn into home and its servers will start crawling the account very frequently as well. The minimum amount of followers/interactions required for an exotic country to become home is not clear though.

But how does this affect hidden tweets? The main consequence of this difference in crawling frequency is that if an account is constantly retweeting new tweets and undoing them, local servers (home) will catch these retweets and count them as more recent posts (even if they are deleted afterwards). If an account receives about 3000 or so temporary retweets in 24h then any tweets posted before these retweets were received will be archived by local servers. Servers in exotic countries, on the other hand, that crawl your profile less frequently will miss most of the temporary retweets and catch, say, only 200 out of the 3000 you received in the last 24h. Hence why your most recent tweets will not be archived, because the post volume will never hit 3200 in the eyes of exotic servers.

Example: Client 1 is from India and has 2 accounts, @myparodyindia1 (audience demographics 80% US, 10% Asian, India included) and @clothesparody2 (audience demographics: 100% US, Canada, UK, Australia & <1% Asia, India ). Both accounts receive temporary retweets which are undone after a while but the tweets of @myparodyindia1 have been archived both in India and US. The recent tweets of @clothesparody2, on the other hand, have been archived in US but are visible in India (which is an exotic country with respect to this account).